Everyone has a dream and a desire, a need to differentiate or to classify. Someone doesn't need any, but it probably won't be this place. For all those who cannot fulfill this desire, either because of lack of time, space or perhaps because of little experience, we are here. We will try to bring your dreams closer to reality and materialize your ideas. It's not always about money. Good idea to buy! We believe in heart affairs! Team DK CAFE RACER !!!


We build any motorcycle to suit you. We respect your requirements and try to minimize compromises. Every vision, idea, can be realized! Just persevere! We are able to offer you motorcycles already finished or we will rebuild your existing ones. Upon agreement we can also deliver an EU motorcycle on request. Not every motorcycle is suitable for rebuilding the CAFE RACER. Therefore, first consult your ideas with us. Every motorcycle has its ills and delicate places. We will advise you which bike would best suit your needs. Of course, for ladies who are considering this option, we have the patience and explain everything that will interest them !!!

Motorcycles for sale

Honda CB 500 Twin

02/07/2019 12:49

Honda CB 500T Twin made in 1976 complete refurbishment of motorcycle  Max speed 160km / h fully operational capable.

Our price : 9050,- EUR ( 235 000,- Kč)

Motorcycles for sale

Chopper XT 250 King

02/07/2019 13:00


5th place in the competition Bohemian Custom Bike of the Year 2011

Banana Joe 305 ccm 25PS

Our Price : 85.000 , - CZK ( 3150 , - EUR)