Rebuilding motorcycles

Yamaha XS 750

21/10/2014 13:52

I have long toyed with the idea of to do something unparalleled and unusual. Same as all our motorbikes:-), but I wanted something extraordinery.

So we get into the hands of a three-cylinder from Yamahas 1974. This motorcycle was known for his torque and beautifully hoarse sound of the engine. Just as horny as the tractor engine, this was after 17 years of deep sleep. Purchased in German Mannhaim, as the father of the deceased owner.

The motorcycle was dirty and dated, but....! The

Rebuilding motorcycles

Yamaha XS 400

21/10/2014 13:15

I bought 2 x Yamaha XS 360-400 from 1976-1978.

I got this as a total scrap from one enthusiast from around the area. One word, and I've had them both home.

Somehow I wanted to emulate the previous reconstruction because was the great response from people interested in buying.

This machine is such a small legend from 70. -80. -years when the save a money was much into fashion and price performance was very good. These motorcycles were able to roll 70 thousends miles

Rebuilding motorcycles

Rebuilding SUZUKI GS 550

01/08/2014 18:29

So this , this is really a gem. A little frog ! !

For this bike we drove to a remote town in northwestern Germany , city of Aachen . The owner tried to somehow motorcycle remake his image and defect leakage of gasoline through the carburetor to motorcycle engine put into service.
But whether it was true or not , already know.
When I surveyed the bike looked pretty motůrek re-sealing , sprayed some sprejádou black screen and in total it seemed truly as ready . now
2 backwards the day after we return the bike



04/03/2014 17:55

Year of production 1976 - 2014 Cafe Racer

Time renovations - 4 weeks

This bike stood under a shelter , where it in place of the headlight and neck control was raining. Owner on it stopped running in 2003. After two years there was paying the fuse and then gave up. After all this time was a motorcycle in the same place where we took him . Under the wheels


03/03/2014 15:22


Year of production 1976 - 2014 Cafe Racer

This beauty was waiting for rebirth 14 years buried in a barn in a German farmer. That was the beginning of the plan to produce a racing bike , but for this after dismantling has occurred. And the owner gave it up nepamatujíc what was




04/03/2014 15:05

Made in 1992 - Modofication15.12. 2013 - 01.02. 2014 Cafe Racer

This well known motorcycle needs no introduction. Honda Motor fifty seven , still to mount , nezmar and not smooth machine . The owner, after a light fall of the machine from the garage , he decided that they no longer give the bike to original condition will cost the same price as a rebuild it on a Cafe Racer . And so it happened. Footrests we moved to a height of circuit riders sitting position . Lower and wider handlebars give the feeling of lying shooter. Tachometer The forward slightly to the driver's field of vision , it still makes follow speedometer needle . Podsedadlový sheet made ​​to measure , no laminate, but pretty honest irons. The battery is hidden behind the seat in the area of ​​mushroom , together with the other electronics that space behind the engine remained empty and clean. Exhausts changed from the original in style in retro style. Everything was carefully monitored every day the owner of a controlled amount of the budget that has been precisely defined. Lak motorcycle matte finish on the customer in two-tone combination.




03/03/2014 19:18

RENOVATION HONDA GOLD WING 1000 to order! ! Year of production 1977

This contract was for the owner of Germany. It was originally just a motorcycle to traffic after 8 years standing. This is after partial analysis machines went wrong in almost complete renovation with regard to the budget. The engine and carburetion underwent cleaning and ultrasound.

After disassembling the entire motorcycle frame sandblasted and then let dust black. Followed by polishing and scouring everything that just might shine . The owner unfortunately did not want to invest any large amount , so the original chrome parts have been restored and not just re -plated. However, their condition was quite good . Followed plastic coating , valve covers and timing cover , recovery of plastic parts and other accessories. Then follow the assembly , replacing old with new bolts etc.

Special hardship to the minutiae of electrical occurred.


When you pass the owner was nice to watch the behavior of the owner, who last saw his motorcycle in transit to us. The enthusiasm was obvious for us and satisfaction for a job well done .


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04/03/2014 14:57
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One of the first rebuilding ! ! CHOPPER KING 50XT Limited Edition!!!

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