04/03/2014 15:05

Made in 1992 - Modofication15.12. 2013 - 01.02. 2014 Cafe Racer

This well known motorcycle needs no introduction. Honda Motor fifty seven , still to mount , nezmar and not smooth machine . The owner, after a light fall of the machine from the garage , he decided that they no longer give the bike to original condition will cost the same price as a rebuild it on a Cafe Racer . And so it happened. Footrests we moved to a height of circuit riders sitting position . Lower and wider handlebars give the feeling of lying shooter. Tachometer The forward slightly to the driver's field of vision , it still makes follow speedometer needle . Podsedadlový sheet made ​​to measure , no laminate, but pretty honest irons. The battery is hidden behind the seat in the area of ​​mushroom , together with the other electronics that space behind the engine remained empty and clean. Exhausts changed from the original in style in retro style. Everything was carefully monitored every day the owner of a controlled amount of the budget that has been precisely defined. Lak motorcycle matte finish on the customer in two-tone combination.


Fotogalerie: PŘESTAVBA HONDA CB 750 NA ZAKÁZKU :-) !!!