Some of our impressions :-)!!!

21/10/2014 18:32

So, the return of the German Mannheim, was without any minor mistakes and memories with a smiling grimace.

Wrong and futile attempts to kickstart our means of transport with the Statute of a veteran, according to the number of vehicle kilometres, eventually managed to push small farewell for the last start in the narrow street of dimension 3,20 m, with the assistance of the trimmings of onlookers and with the contribution of a number of new friends.

Including wet promo photos that we are having success in dismantling a bit teared, a trip was successful. Although we


Honda Gold Wing GL 1000 vintage 1975

01/08/2014 18:15

Mamut every inch . When I went for the muscle car , I knew it would be a real Mastodont .

In its time the largest touring motorcycle , which played in its category, all the criteria for him to apply for convenience and travel. I dare say that Harleydavídci at that time had only about competition. Large spacious seat , upholstered separately for each passenger including the driver, a separate department, with plenty of space for even the largest and fattest ass world. Although, there are also no exception, right? :-)

Mileage 82536 km original, a bit lightly stray


Rebuilding Cafe Racer, or , where again the muse Mess Around '' ?

01/08/2014 18:11

When building any Cafe Racer is looking for some one original idea what would go there for a reasonable money bring this wide world .

After internett hang around a bunch of pictures that can be somehow copy , or peep . At least some one idea what would muse unkissed so desperately needs every builder .

No one wants to just copy foreign Cafe, but breathe into the work piece itself ! ! Bit of a piece of his Saint's Day, so he could appropriate the law praise those who are willing to drop a piece of warm words and



01/08/2014 18:09

We are excited to your interest in our bikes and themes that engaged . After all, without the fans and the passion , nothing really can be done.

Each of us is a piece of the artist , the desire to be different and make things their own way , no matter what the surroundings and who's to say after all we only know that our bike is the most beautiful , and all who have