Rebuilding Cafe Racer, or , where again the muse Mess Around '' ?

01/08/2014 18:11

When building any Cafe Racer is looking for some one original idea what would go there for a reasonable money bring this wide world .

After internett hang around a bunch of pictures that can be somehow copy , or peep . At least some one idea what would muse unkissed so desperately needs every builder .

No one wants to just copy foreign Cafe, but breathe into the work piece itself ! ! Bit of a piece of his Saint's Day, so he could appropriate the law praise those who are willing to drop a piece of warm words and

compliments .

 When happens every year, not about ideas of emergency. But when one bike each month a necessity for survival , at least 12 pieces per year , yeah , then it is worse still to invent and repeat what anyone ever did.

There will always be your idea and looks very similar to another on the net that you just gleefully reveals some buddy mocking that ' what did you copy from nett, I found the same thing! Hey ! ! ''

And then one of know what broke . , 'Why, I have it in my head he created himself , how is it that someone might have the same idea? ''

, , This is Shit ! ''

No RELAX ! There is always someone with something first . And then , we are here on this round thing in the universe to a lot of pretty , so it is not surprising .

Especially not throw in the towel , but to focus on the details! ! Because you are doing the work of art .

But you must not fall into a state , like, mate, it 's good, that no one can see it , no one knows the power of looking at it closely 'cause you know about that , to a layman does not know '' served anything cones know ! ! ! !

You must never let appease it's OK if you are not 100 % sure that this is a super way you exactly wanted .

 Sometimes it will come on its own and it's better than you expected. Yeah , and sometimes it is a better idea than the outcome . Well, it is a tribute to the fate of each idea .

If it be the best ... whole made by one person bike for several years and a lot of money gone , 'cause if everything after completion rebuilt . ,null, Well we are never quite satisfied that ? ''

And if so, only for a moment . Take a walk around the work circles around, and behold here the screw would like nicer , here it wanted more of chromium, hm ... and here shorten '' Well, it would be a never ending story . And what says our famous chef Zdeněk Pohlreich ( perhaps as written) , small imperfections are signs of domestic production '' J Yeah , so it fits , really! But we all have those imperfections in the eye otherwise . Hihi .

Just a short or quite simply . Do not let anyone or anything deter you from your idea ! Minor deficiencies vypilujete to perfection and , , your bike is simply the best in the world and who may have known best , than you yourself , after so many hours of hard work that '' ?

 It can criticize every jerk , so let KUVA takes a welder flex and makes nicer . And then something can criticize , no No'' ?

I got carried away by emotions krapínek , nooo illness , but emotional behavior. :-)

No , it's just up to each of us . How do we do it and how much to leave the talking to others. To explain, it may also end up providing you this beautiful idea in your head and you will completely break down in the beginning. A swept in the head as in the fridge after a weekend full of rain.

Follow your usually the first ideas! ! They are almost always the cornerstone of the whole building ! !


So Settlements ruin a job well-being.

Team DK Cafe Racer