Yamaha XS 750

21/10/2014 13:52

I have long toyed with the idea of to do something unparalleled and unusual. Same as all our motorbikes:-), but I wanted something extraordinery.

So we get into the hands of a three-cylinder from Yamahas 1974. This motorcycle was known for his torque and beautifully hoarse sound of the engine. Just as horny as the tractor engine, this was after 17 years of deep sleep. Purchased in German Mannhaim, as the father of the deceased owner.

The motorcycle was dirty and dated, but....! The

original 37436km was very interesting, and it played a crucial role in the buying.

The replacement engine redone on 900ccm, which looks like I will get and build another crack a bit. The engine after a couple of hours kicked. The frame of the crop a bit on it, as it is for all Cafe Racers, all unnecessary and something that would be a rose curve.

The tank we are slightly hammer in the front of the fork and immediately got a different twist. Rear plastic, originally used as the ending of the saddle, decreased, diminished and,, the world was a cover on the light, '' a nice matte lacquer always make you happy, so all day work and stickers what was everywhere, just not where it should hold, is the place, as it just came out. Well, and the result of us very pleased, succeeded, ' '!!!

We didn't want a purely modernize Super Sport Cafe, so the light touch of copper bolts and nuts supplied the Vintage look and it fits to the overall colour of the motorcycle.

After the first test ride came a big surprise was the hole in the gas, (which after so many years in a coma she wait), had to be resolved at a later date an enrichment of the mixture. The engine flew as the North wind, and we all know that the North wind is a cruel ' ':-)!!!

Such a massive raid into the engine of the motorcycle and the 1974 production year 750ccm I experienced. A surreal experience and full of emotion, I returned not as usual after the 10minutes, but after 40 min and it hadn´t to be me, just 800 m from the workshop I was without the petrol.

I left the next morning for another ride. Motorbike went perfectly, everything was fine, so just because we were on the largest veteran stock market in Europe, such a nice seeing, which takes place annually in October.We decided to take her with us and see what they tell us on the German experts), who will be gathering for this opportunity.

How we did, will let you know after returning!!!